RFID Blocking Protection: 

Our Arnold Leather Goods Real Leather range includes various styles for Men and Women with RFID Blocking Protection. Just under the outer layer of leather of the purse is a special foil layer. It produces a Faraday Shield which blocks the radio frequency signal used for Credit and Debit cards. As a result, it will stop the scammers taking money illegally from your cards. All of your credit cards and debit cards will be protected once inside the closed wallet, purse or card holder.

Our RFID Protected collection includes large, medium and small Purses in many styles. In addition, we sell Men’s Wallets of various sizes as well as Credit Card Cases in differing styles and a Passport Cover. Our Purses and Card Cases are available in Multi-coloured leather as well as plain colours. The Wallets come in a selection of Classic colours, Black, Brown and Tan.

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