Our Real Leather Purses are available in a variety of sizes, styles and colours. In our range are medium and large purses and purse/wallets. We also sell assorted coin purses including tray purses for Men and Women. We stock our Real Leather Purses in a selection of Classic and Bright plain colours. As well as these, we also sell our popular Multi-coloured range of purses including a Neck Purse. You will find more Multi-coloured and RFID styles on the Wallets pages and Small Leather Accessories pages.

RFID: Our Arnold Leather Goods Real Leather Purse range includes various styles with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) protection. Just under the outer layer of leather of the purse is a special foil layer. It produces a Faraday Shield which blocks the radio frequency signal used for Credit and Debit cards. As a result, it will stop the scammers taking money illegally from your cards. All of your credit and debit cards will be protected once inside the closed purse.

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