Cowhide RFID Credit Card Case style 7-114s


Cowhide Credit Card Case with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Protection.




This Cowhide RFID Credit Card Case has slots for 12 credit cards or, for instance, a folded note.

Protect your Contactless Cards with RFID:  

Our Cowhide RFID Credit Card Case has Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Blocking protection. There is a protective, special foil layer just under the outer layer of leather of the card case. As a result it sets up a Faraday Shield and blocks the radio frequency signal used for Credit cards and Debit cards. In other words, it therefore stops the scammers taking money illegally from your Credit cards and Debit cards. In conclusion, once inside the closed case all of your contactless credit cards and debit cards are protected.

It is the same style and quality as our Multi-coloured version Credit Card Case style 7-114

Included in the price is a gift box.

Measurements: 3” x 4” x ½” (76 x 102 x 13mm)

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Graffiti Solid Colours

Black, Cobalt Blue, Lime Green, Orange, Orchid Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow